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Emotional Intelligence & Authentic Leadership


Empower your journey to exceptional leadership with Mei Ouw

Ready to transform your leadership journey? Book a consultation call with me today and step into your role as a dynamic and effective leader.


Thank you.

It was genuinely an honour to meet you and share in our collective journey towards transformative leadership.


My session on 'Authentic Leadership & Enhancing Emotional Intelligence' was crafted with the hope of inspiring you, as emerging and established leaders, to embrace the full spectrum of your potential.

As an Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Consultant, I am intimately familiar with the multifaceted challenges we, as women, navigate in the realms of business, our careers, and life. The path to leadership is often uncharted and complex, yet it brims with opportunities for growth and innovation.

In my interactions with other women, whether it be through shared stories, questions, or reflections, I see a remarkable tapestry of resilience, wisdom, and innovative thinking. These are the hallmarks of leadership that not only adapts to but also shapes the future.

As you continue on your leadership journey, I invite you to consider how our paths might intersect again. Whether through executive coaching, leadership programs, or simply a conversation to explore possibilities, my commitment is to support you in unlocking the next level of your leadership potential.

What people say about Mei


"Mei is the real deal in this field to make a positive difference in the world, by helping leaders to evolve and use their power for good."

In our 60 minute complimentary consultation,  we will explore how you can increase your authenticity through:


Understanding the triggers that result in your emotions that may impact your experience and the results you have.


Bringing yourself back into

wholeness and high emotional resonance. Creating states of empowered calm, peace,

ease and grace.


Take purposeful actions, leveraging emotions to navigate challenges and create positive outcomes.

""I was once afraid of people saying, 'Who does she think she is?' Now I have the courage to stand and say, 'This is who I am."

- Oprah Winfrey

Explore Mei's Signature Leadership Programs

Transform into an extraordinary leader through Mei's programs, enhancing adaptability, leveraging strengths, and redefining perspectives for innovative leadership solutions.

Art of Transformational Coaching

As a leader and coach being a subject matter expert is no longer enough. To be successful, leaders must confidently embrace the unknown. They must recognise emerging challenges and think about the future.

Art of Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing Certification is a deep immersion in clearing built up emotions that impact our performance and wellbeing. Combining powerful tools to clear hidden blocks in your unconscious mind easily in seconds.

Executive Coaching

Unlock your executive blueprint by mastering the inner and outer game of leadership. Step into your authenticity, thrive amidst complexity, and navigate uncertainty with confidence and clarity.

About Mei

Mei has delivered over 8500 hours in coaching and facilitating group processes and has worked across all levels of leadership and primarily focusses on C suite and Executive teams. With a background in psychology Mei has an in depth understanding of human behaviour and works with clients to develop their behavioural flexibility and thinking, allowing them to see new perspectives and therefore create more innovative and effective leadership solutions.

  • Double Bachelor's Degree in Law and Psychology

  • Accredited in Human Synergistics LSI, DiSC, MSCEIT (EQ Assessment) and the Leadership Circle

  • Accredited NLP Trainer with over 14 years' experience certifying Executives and Leaders in NLP

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"Self-Leadership is the foundational key to all success. It ignites your purpose, and empowers you to be the catalyst for change with authenticity and unwavering confidence."

- Mei Ouw

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