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Executive Coaching and Transformational Leadership for Authentic Leaders

A new approach

Change your inner game to play a greater outer game of performance and results.


About Mei

Mei has delivered over 8000 hours in coaching and facilitating group processes and has worked across all levels of leadership and primarily focusses on C suite and Executive teams. 

Work with Mei

Mei's insightful and direct approach makes her a sought-after coach and facilitator in the leadership space.


Executive Coaching

As a leader, being a subject matter expert is no longer enough. To be successful, leaders must confidently embrace the unknown. They must recognise emerging challenges and think innovatively about the future.

Master NLP trainer for Leaders - unleash your brilliance

Mei has a 18 year track record of helping senior leaders  to up level and achieve measurable tangible results.

Signature Leadership Programs

Mei's signature leadership programs are designed to help people become extraordinary leaders by developing their ability to adapt to complex  situations as well as leverage their strength. These programs will fundamentally change the way the think. You will see life through new perspectives and become more innovative solutions. Mei is deeply insightful, with a gift for uncovering and transforming hidden limitations and challenges which makes her highly sought after by those who are looking for a fresh perspective on their leadership challenges.


Open yourself up to even greater  potential

Mei’s clients have more confidence, motivation and influence.  They back themselves, get promoted with significant pay rises and selling high-value services with conviction.


Leadership Facilitator
& Speaker

Mei is an experienced leadership facilitator and speaker who has worked with clients from a wide range of industries. Her background in psychology gives her an in-depth understanding of human behavior, which she uses to help her clients develop their behavioral flexibility and thinking.


As a speaker, Mei is engaging and informative, and she has a talent for making complex ideas easy to understand.

Read Mei's Thoughts

Read about the latest Leadership trends, EQ, adaptive leadership and how to show up as your true authentic self.


"If you are lucky enough to come into Mei’s orbit then make sure seize the opportunity to bring her wisdom and warmth into your life."

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