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Shift from Knowing to Being

Have you ever felt like you’re on the verge of burnout but just can’t seem to slow down?

In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 25% of respondents felt that they were unable to make a desired behavior change, despite having knowledge and awareness of the benefits of that change.

I was recently thinking about a client of mine. This client had always been very passionate about their business and worked long hours to ensure its success. However, as the years went on, they started to feel increasingly exhausted and overwhelmed.

They were constantly worried about the financial health of their business, and the stress was taking a toll on their mental and physical health.

They knew slowing down to focus on their well-being was essential.

Despite these warning signs, they kept pushing themselves, thinking that they just needed to work harder to overcome their problems.

Eventually, their body and mind reached a breaking point, and they had to take several weeks off work to recover from burnout.

During their recovery period, the client realized that they needed to make some significant changes to their work-life balance.

Knowing that well-being was important didn’t translate into action.

I’ve worked with leaders at the top of their game who come to me because they’re getting incredible results, but nearing exhaustion and burnout.

The interesting thing is that Executives and 7 figure business owners know the importance of their well-being.

Yet, they admit time and time again, that while they know it’s important to take time out and practice self-care,  are unable to do it (at least not consistently).

This highlights the difference between intellectually and consciously knowing something and being able to embody it.

"Knowing" doesn’t always translate into action.

With more information at our fingertips - it’s easy to fall prey to the Dunning Kruger effect - that is, you think you KNOW or are better equipped to be successful because you have access to information.

But information doesn’t always translate to transformation.

You need to go beyond KNOWING and step into an aligned way of “BEING”

This means embodying the beliefs, values, identity frames, and capabilities that are aligned with who you desire to be - and clearing the emotional blocks in the way.

Emotional Clearing is a powerful technique that provides you with laser-sharp focus to release the parts of your identity that are an outdated way of being that do not align with your desired future self.

Emotional clearing  enables you to:

  • Cut through the noise of your unconscious conditioning

  • Powerfully reframe your  limiting beliefs

  • And become the person who can achieve the results you want.

In the upcoming Emotional Clearing intensive, Kylie Ryan and I will be facilitating transformation and training you to use these transformational techniques.

This is not a Certification that is just giving you more information. It’s a transformative experience that empowers you to achieve your desired results even more quickly and powerfully.

Tune in as I share more information on Emotional Clearing in my posts. xx

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