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Navigating States for Optimal Flow

Before we get into the secrets of achieving optimal flow, let‘s first think about states. 

Your state is your way of being at any moment. Think of it as a backdrop against which your actions and creativity unfold. 

Our state is a dynamic blend of the stories we tell ourselves, the movies that we play in our minds, and our physiology. 

Let’s take the goal of going to the gym/walk/run, etc. 

Imagine, if you are telling yourself you are too busy, You are playing a movie in your mind of being curled up on the couch with Netflix on. Your body is slumped with a hanging head and no smile. 

What’s the emotional state that’s being created? 

Well, it sure isn’t excitement or motivation that’s for sure. 

So the first question is:

  • What is the emotional state you want to create?

  • How does it contribute to creating your reality, forming your world, and being the leader you aspire to be?

So back to the gym example. 

How do we create a more optimal state? One of excitement. 

Try this simple technique: 

Your mind is a vast resource bank. One that contains endless memories. 

Remember a time you felt pure excitement? 

Go back to that time and vividly remember what you saw, heard and felt. See the colours, the brightness, hear the sounds and feel what you felt in you body. Do this now! 

Once you have that feeling, amplify it, more and more until you feel the excitement coursing through your body. 

Now, at the same time, shift your body to stand straight and tall, head held high, big grin on your face and bounce on your toes. 

Now amplify the state even more. Until it’s at least a 7, 8, 9 out of 10! 

Feel excited yet? 

You can use this as a simple resource to call on that state anytime you need it by just remembering that time, amplifying it through your body, and bringing it into the present moment. 

Here’s the wording to help you elicit resourceful states

“Can you remember a time when you were totally ______?" (For example: Motivated) 

"Can you remember a specific time?" 

"As you go back to that time now … go right back to that time, float down into your body and see what you saw, hear what you heard, and really feel the feelings of being totally _____________." 

One of the key principles we work with in the Art of Transformational

Leadership and Coaching is learning multiple ways of managing your emotional state, so that you can walk into any high-stakes situation with absolute ease and confidence. 

So next time you have to present to the Executive, give a big speech, go for an interview, or ask for a pay rise, try this basic technique. 

I’d love to hear how you go. 

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