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About Mei

Mei has delivered over 8000 hours in coaching and facilitating group processes and has worked across all levels of leadership and primarily focusses on C suite and Executive teams. With a background in psychology Mei has an in depth understanding of human behaviour and works with clients to develop their behavioural flexibility and thinking, allowing them to see new perspectives and therefore create more innovative and effective leadership solutions.


Her insightful and direct approach adds a fresh perspective to situations, making her sought after in the leadership space. Her transformational leadership programs are designed to move people into a space of true adaptive leadership allowing people to thrive in complex and uncertain times. As an Executive Coach her focus is on developmental and action-orientated coaching and she uses a range of cutting-edge tools and to increase self- awareness, emotional intelligence and therefore as an outcome business results.



  • Double Bachelor's Degree in Law and Psychology

  • Accredited in Human Synergistics LSI, DiSC, MSCEIT (EQ Assessment) and the Leadership Circle

  • Accredited NLP Trainer with over 14 years' experience certifying Executives and Leaders in NLP

 Client include


And many more...


Diane Herz

CEO - Social Research Centre

Mei is the real deal--in this field to make a positive difference in the world by helping leaders to evolve and use their power for good. She is a brilliant consultant who has worked with our Executive Leadership Team to build trust, deepen our collective capabilities, solve adaptive challenges, and ensure accountability in all we do. She respectfully and gracefully takes individuals and the team on a journey ... leading us away from our limitations and towards solutions that align with our values, strengths, and aspirations for the organisation and those we serve. I highly recommend working with her and I’m happy to talk with anyone considering her as a coach or facilitator.

Diane Herz.jpeg

Simone Weston

HR Executive — LEK Consulting

I joined Mei’s program to obtain additional coaching credentials. I had no idea I would also be able to fundamentally transform how I was showing up in the world. When I first met Mei, I was exhausted and living in a constant state of burnout. Through this program, I’ve been able to rewire my thinking, my habits and beliefs to fundamentally transform many areas of my life. As well as my full time Executive role, I have started a side business coaching Executives and developing bespoke Leadership programs. If you are looking to build your coaching capability or start a coaching business, this is hands down the best coaching qualification I have undertaken. You will learn tools and techniques and a way of being in your coaching that helps create transformation and long lasting change in individuals.

SImone Weston.jpeg

Sean Hallahan

Chief Executive Officer, Luv-A-Duck

I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Mei, both as a leadership facilitator and as my Executive coach. As a leadership facilitator Mei would regularly challenge and inspire myself and my team. As my coach she has been absolutely instrumental in my personal and professional success and happiness. I have never met anyone like Mei, someone who blends insight and empathy, bravery and vulnerability. Mei challenges me to become the best version of myself and I feel like she takes every step right beside me. I have introduced many members of my various teams to Mei’s skills over a decade now and she has never failed to impress and add enormous value to our organisation. I have never had a single person disappointed with their experience of Mei. If you are lucky enough to come into Mei’s orbit then make sure you seize the opportunity to bring her wisdom and warmth into your life. I feel eternally grateful that I did.

Sean Hallahan.jpeg

Hang Vo

CEO Sacred Heart Mission

Through Mei’s guidance and coaching, I have learned much about myself as a leader. Mei has challenged the way I see the world and my place in it. She’s pushed me to dig deep in order to understand my core purpose – a transformative process which has given me the courage and determination to take my leadership journey to its next level. Mei is an exceptional facilitator and coach. I highly recommend her for organisations and leaders of any scope, size or industry.

Hang Vo.jpeg

Ingrid Maynard

MD at the Sales Doctor

Mei has helped me to transform my life. As a gifted facilitator her programs are like a trojan horse for personal transformation as much as they are way-showers for improved coaching for my own clients. And the change has been subtle but profound: I’ve not only smashed my revenue target but the way I operate is smoother, easier and success comes faster to me. Change is something I embrace and I’m continually improving my ability to support my own clients in ways I would not be able to without Mei’s program and support. Through her challenges to me, I am able to see my own blocks, and identify resourceful strategies to grow beyond them. Thank you Mei.

Ingrid Maynard.jpeg

Stuart Warwick

MSP Growth Specialist

If you’re curious or very clear about learning the power of NLP and transformational coaching, then look no further than Mei Ouw. She simplifies an enormous subject into digestible segments brought to life with incredible teaching and embedded with live practice to ensure understanding. The container she creates is safe, non judgemental, energised and highly supportive allowing you to integrate the subject in whichever way is right for you. You cannot fail to also deepen your knowledge of yourself which is powerful as well as achieving a qualification further magnifying your skills and impact as a coach whatever your specialization.

Stuart Warwick.jpeg

Fiona Pearman

CEO Quantum Impact Group

Having seen Mei at work as a coach and faciliator I knew her to be an incredible talent in the world of transformational coaching. Despite having attended many professional & personal development programs, including several coach training sessions, it was an easy decision to invest in the Art of Transformation program. I wasn’t disappointed – every session of this beautifully constructed 6-month program contained powerful insights, methodologies and frameworks that could immediately be applied with clients. Mei’s deft facilitation of transformational approaches and simultaneously teaching a large group virtually is masterful. The way in which Mei holds the work, the individuals, the inevitable resistance and pain of growth appears effortless and speaks to her decades of experience and practice. If you are considering deepening your coaching capability this program facilitated by Mei is truly life enhancing and an amazing forum in which to hone and practice your skills. Sharing the learning and processes with clients has resulted in great feedback including how quickly we were able to surface the real issues, how resourced they felt to try new behaviours and how others were noticing their shifts.

Fiona Pearman.jpeg

Sue Cunningham

Director Strategy & Enabling Services, CARE

I have had the incredible privilege of attending 3 courses with Mei – in each of them she has helped me grow as a human, a leader and a coach. I keep coming back not only because she is such an exceptional coach and facilitator herself, but also because every single one of her courses has given me new insights, new skills and new ways to connect with others. If you need help to discover your genius state, or how to spend more time living in it, give Mei a call.

Sue Cunningham.jpeg

Grant Lester

Director of Operations

This program is a journey of discovery about yourself as a leader & the power of communication. It is unlike any leadership course I’ve attended. The course focuses on arming you with the tools, knowledge and skills to overcome the challenges that prevent you and others from having the success you desire. The first day I attended it was like a whole new world of communication opened up to me that I didn’t even know existed. Mei so casually was able to demonstrate the power of her content in a way that you can never see the world and communication in the same way again. The insights she offers on human behaviour and yourself are worth the price of admission alone. This knowledge as well as extremely practical techniques means that I have walked away with some really tangible and meaningful strategies and tools to use with my team and for myself. I highly recommend this program (to anyone that wants to grow as an individual, and a must for any leader who manages staff or is responsible for setting direction and strategy.

Grant Lester.jpeg

Fi Mims

Branding Photographer, Mentor and Coach

When I first signed up for Mei’s program I was hoping to work on my communication and leadership skills. But what I came out with was SO much more. Mei is a gifted facilitator with an incredible ability to help people transform into the best versions of themselves. She will challenge you, push you, and inspire you to realise your potential, and she will guide you with the knowledge and tools to make it happen. Personally, working with Mei helped recognise and remove negative thoughts and habits that had been holding me back in my business. She also helped me gain more confidence in my own abilities, and since LWI I've been able to take active, positive steps towards goals I’ve set for the next few years. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. If I could gift everyone the experience of working with Mei, I would!

Fi Mims.jpeg

Angelique Black

General Manager Org Change, HESTA

Mei is an exceptional coach and facilitator. She is so skilled at reading the room, understanding and respecting where individuals are at, and ensuring the sessions are structured so that individuals get the most out of the sessions. She is an absolute expert in her field and so knowledgeable about how to attain life-changing shifts in people. I highly recommend Mei for coaching and facilitating on any topic to do with becoming the best version of yourself.

Angelique Black (1).jpeg
Simon Dubais _not good quality (1).jpeg

Simon Dubois

Partner KPMG

This is a fantastic course and has helped me grow in a variety of areas that have made me a better and more effective leader in my organisation. Mei leads the course in a structured but adaptable fashion, allowing for time for participants to give everything a go, with a philosophy of people learn by doing. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their leadership potential - or work in a coaching environment.

Elise Hinson

Chapter Lead - ANZ

Mei is truly a gift to the world. She takes the complex and turns it into practical tools and strategies for every single person in the group. Her passion, energy and purpose shines so brightly and it’s impossible to attend her course and fail. Personally, an outcome I aimed for from this course was to find a new role. I was able to land a dream position where I’m now earning 20% more than I was prior so the return on my investment has really paid off. If you are ready for a change and want to grow and succeed, Mei will give you the tools for the taking - it's up to you if you want to pick these up and win.

Elise Hinson.jpeg

Heidi Mitchell

Executive - Citywide Service Solutions Pty Ltd

Mei’s Leadership program is perfect for any leader wanting to challenge themselves-professionally and personally - to adapt and improve their leadership capabilities. Mei’s gracious and authentic style enables people to find the best in themselves and to draw upon the best in others around them. She is a gifted facilitator, is filled with insight and is driven by a passion to help bring a more reflective and thoughtful approach into leadership. In a world where leadership brings privilege and responsibility to influence the lives of others, this more conscious approach to leading is crucial. I am so grateful to have experienced Mei’s magic.

Heidi Mitchell.jpeg

Ishani Sharma

Change Partner, HESTA

Mei is an outstanding transformational coach and facilitator whose expertise has had a profound impact on my personal and professional development. Mei is not just a coach; she is a true catalyst for transformation. Through her leadership programs, Mei provided me with invaluable knowledge and enabled me to gain proficiency across various NLP tools. Her deep understanding of these tools, combined with her ability to effectively impart this knowledge, has been instrumental in reshaping my approach to coaching, leadership, and even my way of being. Mei's coaching style is both inspiring and empowering. She creates a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages individuals to push their boundaries and explore their full potential. Her guidance is always insightful and thought provoking, and she has an uncanny ability to uncover the hidden strengths and talents within her participants.

Ishani Sharma.jpeg

Danni Vee

Executive Leadership Coach

Working with Mei in the Advanced Art of Transformation Coaching has been the greatest group experience I have had in my professional career. I have not only learnt the tools to serve my own clients at a higher level, I am now communicating more effortlessly with all the people in my life. Mei's facilitation was welcoming and encouraging for all the different leaders in our group. I highly recommend investing in Mei to uplevel your skills in your career or your personal life.

Danni Vee.jpeg

Niki Petousis

Senior Agile Coach

My journey of transformation with Mei was something completely unexpected and extraordinary. I came into this course thinking I knew what I wanted and then I was literally & metaphysically pulled apart both professionally and personally, as I shedded old values & beliefs, fears and cultural baggage that no longer served me and limited my mindset. Mei gave me so many tools, techniques and safe support to rise from ashes like a powerful Phoenix, without hesitation or reservation. I've made some amazing new friends and have a powerhouse of a network with my co-learners and Mei. Forever humbled.

Niki Petousis.jpg

Jacqueline Carmichael

Agile  Lead, CSL

I would strongly recommend this course to any person wanting to take their personal and professional life to the next level. It provides strategies on removing barriers and gives workable methods to improve your life and where you want to be. Do it :)

Jacqueline Carmichael.jpeg
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